About Me

Ben Nearingburg is author/climber/guide/scientist/instructor/ living in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.  Coming from a background of distance hiking and sport climbing, Ben has been drawn to the triad of good exercise, fabulous views, and great company that mountainous pursuits provide.  Ben hopes for this website to insprire you to get out and experience the hills for yourselves.

If you have any comments or questions on a route/trip described on this site please feel free to post a comment or send Ben an email at 'ben.nearingburg zATz gmail.com'.




Ben near the summit of Mount Willingdon.  Photo, Vern Dewit of www.explor8ion.com.

In 2016, Ben started down the path of becoming a more professional part of the mountain community and is currently an Assistant Hiking Guide and a member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.  He hopes to carry on with both profesisonal and recreational pursuits in the mountains for many years to come.

For some additional non-mountainous reading feel free to browse through some of Ben's other published work:

M Zahorodny-Burke, B Nearingburg, AL Elias - Chemical Engineering Science, 2011