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Cirque Peak Winter Scramble

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This was my first winter scrambling experience and with a low risk avalanche hazard a conventional easy scramble seemed like a good place to start. A left my car around 3am hoping to cross the treeline to be able to see sunrise and moonset (a full moon bathed the entire place in light such that even in the trees a headlamp wasn't needed). Thanks to some cross country skiers who had been in the area recently there was a nice wide area of packed down snow which made for easy traversing! Once out of the trees the chill of winter finally set in (my car said it was -32 at the base and the wind was significant). I also learned a valuable lesson on this trip about keeping camera batteries warm, just after sunrise my battery froze and took ages to warm up again. Cirque peak is a nice trip for a winter scramble if conditions are favourable but be prepared to a fairly long day, especially if you have to break trail!

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