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Elizabeth Parker Hut Family Ski Touring

Saturday, December 27, 2014

To have some variety in this family christmas break, my mom and I decided to ski into the Lake O'Hara hut for some views and a grand feast (complete with much unexpected baking). Not much to add about the trip itself, skiing up the road was quite tame and skiing around some of the nearby trails was good (even managed a few nice powder turns descending from Shaffer Lake). Below are a few pretty pictures of the area in winter.


Setting off from the unplowed parking lot.


Quite the well packed trail on the way in.


Good views of Odaray Mountain near the hut.

Much better weather than forecast.


Evening-glow on Odaray Mountain and Catherdral Mountain.


Evening-glow looking over to Mount Lefroy.


Heading out for some snow-melt.


Cathedral Mountain rising above the Wixwaxi Cabin.


Many stars above Mount Lefroy.


Interesting lighting effects from rogue headlamps.


Stars above Mount Shaffer.


My mom trudging up the creek towards Shaffer Lake.


Snowy views from Shaffer Lake.


Me skiing back down towards Shaffer Lake.  Photo by P. Nearingburg.


Down at Mary Lake.


Certainly much worse weather than forecast today!


Preparing a grand christmas feast!


Cathedral Mountain in morning glow.


Another look towards Mount Lefroy.


Looking up at Odaray Mountain.


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