Favorite Images of 2013


Fantastic lightining on the lower ridge of Mount Edith Cavell.


Out for a stroll on Abraham Lake.


Glorious summit views from Mount Rhondda.


Steven approaching the summit block of Mount Habel.


Looking up at the summit of Mount Hector.


Slogging upwards with Big Bend Peak in the background.


Mount Wilson has a lot of elevation gain, note the 'high col' in the bottom right corner!


Eric pointing onwards to the summit ridge of Chetamon Mountain.


Crowsnest Mountain in morning-glow.


Marching onwards to the summit of Mount Erickson.


Excellent views of the Bugaboos from Rockypoint Ridge.


A surreal sunrise on Pyramid Mountain above Jasper.


A lovely lake below the red rock of Mount Kerr.


Mount Bridgland and Derr Peak are both impressive peaks.


Sunrise view from Mount Maccarib.


The Ramparts towering above Amethyst Lake.


Mount Edith Cavell in the distance.


Iceberg Lake and a toe of the Wapta.


Looking back towards Bow Lake from Portal Peak.


The AA glacier and Mount Andromeda.


Looking back towards Mount Andromeda from the snowcoach road.


Steven making his way through a burned section below Mount Cumnock.


A helicopter that was buzzing around our ascent of Mount Cline.


Vern descending the second notch.


Looking towards Chevron Mountain on the west side of Mount Edith Cavell.


Interesting patterns in the mud near Isabella Lake.


Very wild looking country on the way to Recondite Peak.


The views near the head of the valley with Recondite Peak in the middle-left.


Lovely reflections in a tarn below Recondite Peak at sunrise.


Our crew (sans moi) on the ridge of Recondite Peak.



Such a variety of colors at Helen Lake.


Steven (bottom left corner) admist the bulk of Old Goat Mountain.


Onwards towards Mount Willingdon.


Excellent views south from Devon Mountain.


Above the clouds on Emerald Peak.


A skiier descending the Emerald Peak slide path in an inversion.


Rose colored skies above Dip Slope Mountain.


Crown and Tower peaks poking above the clouds from Mount Willingdon.


Steven atop Fossil Mountain.


Recondite Peak (middle) is an 11000er not an island!


All types of weather in one shot on Little Chester.


Smutwood Peak is an impressive site.


Great place for a break below Smutwood Peak.


"The Big Hill" near Grande Cache is quite a big hill indeed.


The teal gleam of Bow Lake from Mount Jimmy Simpson.


Stars above the Athabasca Crossing campground.


Our crew crossing the Chaba River near Fortress Mountain.


The last few meters to the summit of Catacombs Mountain.


Morning routefinding discussion below Catacombs Mountain.


Looking west from the Fortress/Catacombs col.


Great views above Fortress Lake with Mount Quincy in the background.


A lightning monster invading our fair camp below Fortress Mountain!


Fortress Mountain from the Chaba River.


Cliff Mountain and Whitecap Mountain from Redan Mountain.


Cataract Peak from the ridge of Wapiti Mountain.


Last few rays of sunlight above Elysium Pass.


Aurora above the Yellowhead Highway near Hinton.