Favorite Images of 2016

A little bit of snow in the Lick Creek valley go get rid of all that pesky friction on the rocks.


A mysterious view towards the Scott Glacier from Beaverdam Ridge.


The crew works upwards above Berg Lake with Steamboat Peak in the background.


Looking back at the false summit of Mount Anne-Alice from the glcaier.

A moon-halo below Lychnis Mountain nearing the Bonnet Icefield.


A starry camp on the Bonnet Icefield Traverse.


A little bit of WI0 descending down from the Bonnet Icefield.


Celestine Lake as seen from Beaver Bluffs.


Divergence Lake is quite the sight.


Really rethinking all that extra booze, two days into the Freshfields/Peyto Lake Traverse.


Mount Freshfield is a very striking peak.


Descending from Mount Freshfield with the lower Freshfield Icefield visible on the right.


Our base camp on the Freshfields.


The bridge over the Blaeberry River at the Cairnes Creek rec area has seen better days.


Lots of lightning over in the Tonquin looking from below Mount Fryatt.


The Jesse Archer rapping down from the upper pitch of the SW Face of Mount Fryatt.


Quite a calm view of the Great Cairn Hut around christmas.


Josh in a hero pose about to descend and ski back to the Great Cairn Hut.


Things certainly look a lot more gloomy down in the valley near Kinbasket Lake!


Our high-bivy below the N/C col of The Goodsirs.


Thar be gold in them thar hills, or at least blue sodalite!


Looking over to the Bugaboos from our bivy below Mount Goodsir.


Very bright conditions below the Extinguisher Tower on the Robson Glacier.


Looking up the Ice River Valley, very marshy but nice views.


A wee tarn near our camp below Mount King Edward.


Vern fording Bryce Creek on the way back from trying King Eddy.


Liam knit me a hat as a birthday present, isn't it nifty!


Looking down at the frozen Abraham Lake from 'The Kistahorn'.


James contemplating the upper Dome Glacier valley.


Josh sizing up the Notch on the ridge of Mount Kitchener.


The Southern Victoria Cross Range from Miette Hill.


A very nice waterfall along the approach to the old Fay Hut site.


Interesting clouds above Mount Hungabee in the distance.


Sunset views towards Mount Saint Bride from the Neil Cogan Hut.


Striations below Replica Peak near Maligne Pass.


A very aesthetic camp below the Extinguisher Tower.


The Saskatchewan River looking not so fearsome during the winter.


Hanging out in the Whitegoat Wilderness with ABMI-folks.


Atop the benches between Whitehorn and Mount Phillips.


Josh starting down the upper rock/mixed part of Whitehorn Mountain.


Aurora over Mount Phillips from the Whitehorn Glacier.


Even small fires can look fearsome on long exposures.


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