Favorite Images of 2017

Always good to have at least a band of snow when starting out on a ski traverse.


The Tonquin Valley is a very lovely place in winter.


Liam making his way over Fraser Pass.


Mallard Mountain Lodge in the background, our first sign of civilization in a week!


Was there riming below the high col, look at Liam's glasses to know for sure!


Josh standing beside an impressive fire pit.


The edge of the Wood Arm on Kinbasket Lake has a very odd vibe.


Liam, Josh, and Zak enjoying the comforts of a hillbilly camp.


After surviving two round of thunderstorms, Steven and I were treated to a rainbow at the Deltaform Mountain bivy.


Smoky skies on the way down from Hungabee Mountain with Steven.


The "sporty step" on the summit ridge of Hungabee Mountain, significant exposure not shown!


Ferenc and Vern walking in the upper Bush River Valley, fantabulous hiking terrain.


Neat calcite formations beneath Mount King Edward.


Fearsome looking rock pinnacles traversing from the RR Col to The Dome on Mount Robson.


Crossing the upper south face of Mount Robson to reach The Roof.


Descending back towards the RR col with Resplendent Mountain in the background.


Clemenceau Icefield Camp.


Josh looking down towards Mount Shackleton.


Mount Clemenceau is quite the ski run!


Looking back towards Tusk Peak (right).


Surveying the bypass route to reach the upper Columbia Icefield from the west.


Icefield camp below Mount Columbia.


A wintery landscape but open Berg Lake coming down from family thanksgiving.


Emperor Falls looking very frosty when surrounded by fresh snow.