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Favorite Panoramic Images of 2014

Packing up camp on the Columbia Icefield.


Steven ascending the last few meters to summit Mount Balfour.


Clear skies above with Mount Columbia looming in the distance.


The Ya Ha Tinda ranch in fall colors.


Eric and Steven with Keystone Peak in the distance.


Setting up camp on the Clemenceau Icefield.


A lovely sunrise summit panorama from Keystone Peak.


Looking across the valley towards Mount Sir Donald in Glacier National Park.


More great sunset views from Keystone Peak.


Full summit panorama from Mount Rogers In Glacier National Park (be sure to click to zoom in!).


Steven hanging around camp in the Bugaboos.


Excellent summit views from Apex Peak.


One of the easier roped pitches on the Kane Route on Bugaboo Spire.


Smoky views from the summit of Mount King George.


Meghan and Jake taking a break after gaining the eastern Columbia Icefield.


A lovely sunest panorama from our camp below Mount King George.


Eric in a staring contest with Mount Robson from CInnamon Peak.


An HDR of Robson from the summit of CInnamon Peak.


Jake and Liam staring south towards the Scott Glacier.


A wee patch of trees below Mount Columbia.


Another glimpse of Robson from Mount McKirdy.


Eric, Steven, and Vern discussing how high Mount Mike is from Mount Harrison.


Interesting clouds below Smith Peak.


Brenta Spire is an inspiring sight (heh heh...)!


Great views from the shoulder below Mount Woolley.


Fabulous summit views from Mount Clemenceau.


Steven approaching the summit of Mount Woolley.


Summit views from Cataract Peak.


Reflections of Noseeum Peak from North Molar Pass.


Looking south from the col between Mount Alexandra and Whiterose Mountain.


Quite a nice camp on the edge of the Wood River.


Mount Bryce front and centre.


Looking across the Columbia Icefield from below Mount Columbia.



The Chess Group on the left and King Edward and Columbia on the right.


Steven at sunrise on the Columbia Icefield.


Interesting clouds from the ridge of Smith Peak.


Liam and Jake on a frosty crossing of the Athabasca River.


Great views of Mounts Charlton and Unwin from Fisherman's Bay on Maligne Lake.


A zoomed in view to the south of Mount Alexandra.


Excellent views from Mount Woolley.


Sunset on Keystone Peak.


A bit of foot friction on Pigeon Spire.


Steep slopes to gain the Oldhorn Col.