Favorite Panoramic Images of 2015

Looking down from partway up Mount Aberdeen.


A chilly view from Woolley's Shoulder.


The Lloyd MacKay hut is quite the viewpoint.


Assiniboine Lake is a must-see area.


A surprisingly comfortably warm summit atop Peyto Peak.


Fabulous sunset views from Mount Brazeau.


Zoomed in towards Mount Alberta from Mount Brazeau.


Vern staying unbeat during a morning rainstorm.


Snowmobiles on the Columbia Icefield, strange times...


Sunset views from Mount Columbia.


Wide views with Tsar Mountain from Mount Columbia.  Next year Tsar, next year!


South Twin is an incredibly aestetic mountain.


Wonderful colors from the top of Eisenhower Tower.


A quiet camp below Mount Kerkeslin.


Snowshoeing down from Howse Peak.


Neat views near Mount Avens on the Castle Massif.


The Icefall Brook approach to the Lyells is stunning.


Looking towards Lyell 5, 4, and 3 from Lyell 2.


Arctomys Peak is an outstanding viewpoint!


Mount Forbes from the Lyell Hut.


Sunset towards Mount Fitzwilliam from Miette Pass.


Salient Mountain is the star attraction around Miette Pass.


Neat mixing water colors at the headwaters of Glacier Lake.


The lower part of the Mons Icefield is a great camp area.


Looking towards the Mons and Lyell Icefields from Mount Forbes.


A lunch spot with a view just below the summit of Mount Forbes.


Quite the way down to Lake Louise from Mount Victoria's North Peak.


Elysium Pass has a very striking landscape.


One of many tarns below Pulsatilla Mountain.


A sea of clouds looking southeast from Pulsatilla Mountain.


A wee cornice below Oldhorn Mountain.


Hard to get tired of the view of The Ramparts from Oldhorn Col.


Almost at the summit of Mount Cromwell.


The Columbia Icefield is cold, but high camps sure do have good views.


Twins Tower is majestic.


Up up and away.


South Twin's summit ridge is not a good place to slip!


The Welsh Peak do have good views.


Very pretty colors around Welsh Lakes.


Mount Forbes dominates the skyline from Mount Outram.


Rosy skies at sunrise from the Glacier Lake campground.


Neat terrain behind Yellowhead Mountain.


Our group for christmas on Maligne Lake.