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Goat Range Traverse

Mostly Moderate Scrambling With Two Low 5'th Sections
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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Goat Range is the group of mountains stretching from Door Jamb Mountain (near Exshaw) to near Mount Yamnuska and are among the most front ranged, of the front range peaks near Calgary. For the third day of our trip, Steven and I were joined by Ken. Just after sunrise under mostly clear (but quite smoky) skies we left the Mount Yamsnuka trailhead and went up the approach trail (the 'climbers trail' on Mount Yamnuska turning left at the first junction).

From previous beta we knew that the traverse had a few spots of low 5th (5.4ish) but was mostly a scramble. Keen to get more roped climbing in we treated it as a technical climb and brought a small rack (mid range cams and a bunch of slings).

To gain the ridge we followed a well worn scree trail to the base of a drainage just west of the Yam/Goat col before weaving our way past a couple more technical chimneys (with plenty loose stuff that could tumble down on people following) before being back on scrambling terrain and on the ridge. For the rest of the route we stuck to the ridge as much as possible. On the ridge, we only brought the rope out for one climbing section which consisted of around 30m of slab, the rest being scrambleable. Once passing Goat Mountain to get back down to the Doorjamb Mountain/Loder Peak trail required one rap and one downclimb.

After the downclimb we regained a well worn trail which was followed all the way back to the South trailhead (at a pullout nearby the concrete plant on HWY 1a) under an exceedingly warm sun. Overall I'd say that this traverse had less technical climbing than expected but still was a fun time with some interesting rock (solution holds and a rock tunnel were neat!), its worth the trip (bring 2 cars to say a long walk back to the Yam lot).


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