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Grotto Mountain

Easy Scramble
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

With high avalanche conditions throughout most of the Rockies for the last few weeks it was time to head out to one of the front range peaks which were still fairly snow-free or at least lightly covered. I talked to some people in the Calgary Mountaineering and Scrambling Group who have gone up Grotto yesterday and said conditions were pretty good so it seemed like a decent plan. I kind of regret bringing my snowshoes along on this trip as I only once put them on and the extra weight was draining after many hours of hauling them around. In any case conditions were much less ideal than what the CMSG group experiences yesterday with comically strong winds (apparently gusting to 100kmph or so) and an approaching snowstorm limiting visibility to either low or non-existant. I decided to stick a little below the ridgeline (where the normal route follows) to be a little bit out of the wind. Even with the not overly nice weather Grotto is still a nice winter trip with limited avalanche risk and a rewarding view of the Canmore area (if only for small instants between blizzards).

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