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Helen Lake Ski Touring

Ski Touring (Dense Trees Mild Slopes)
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Not much to say about this one in terms of a trip report.  Liam, Meghan, and I were looking for something to ski and decided upon rambling up around Helen Lake and seeing what we could do.  On the way up we roughly followed the approach trail for Isabella Lake following a set of fairly fresh skin tracks most of the way up to treeline.  Once near treeline below the slopes of Dolomite Peak we dropped down to the creek and enjoyed bright sunny skies for the rest of our way towards Helen Lake.


Liam descending a steep section to get beside the creek.


Nice views from one of the clearings below Dolomite Peak.


A lovely day for a tour.


Dolomite Peak looks quite pretty from near Helen Lake.


Heading towards Helen Lake and Cirque Peak (right).


It turned out that a few other groups had the same idea for a good location for touring and we met one group and saw another from afar, quite the busy place!  We didn't end up touring all the way to the lake before starting the return branch of our loop aiming for the shoulder of the unnamed ridge south of Cirque Peak.  From the ridge there was some surprisingly enjoyable (for November!) skiing down through the trees (spare higher up moving into quite dense further down) until eventually hitting the road.


The second group we saw in the area.


Meghan taking a break with Dolomite Peak in the distance.


Liam doing the ol' skin removal dance.


If you squint you can see the third group descending the slope just left of the rocky unnamed peak.


Not bad views at all before we start our descent.


Not a bad loop.

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