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Little Galatea

Easy Snowshoeing
Elevation [m]: 
Round Trip Distance [km]: 
Ascent Time: 
Not Bad
Saturday, February 11, 2012

My first trip with CMSC (Calgary Mountaineering and Scrambling Club) was quite a nice trip. After getting to the Chester Lake parking lot around 9 it was only a little less than 2 hours before we emerged out of the trees to get a view of the awesome looking peaks surrounding Chester Lake. Following the description in Nugara's book we went around to gully on the SE side and worked upwards. There was a large cornice on the ridge of Little Galatea and as the rotue follows the avalanche gully attempting this in poor conditions would not be the greatest idea.... No real scrambling here but still a nice quick trip in an awesome environment (with great views of Commonwealth Peak, Mt. Birdwood, Mt. Smuts among many others).

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