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Mosquito Mountain

Moderate Snowshoeing
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

With the winter break winding down set out on a trip with Steven up to Mosquito Mountain (where I had tried a trip earlier in the spring that didn't work out). Setting out from the Mosquito Creek Hostel parking lot at sunrise (about 8 this time of year.. ah January) we followed the Molar Pass trail till it hit the Mo5 campground (the trail was in pretty great shape making travel pretty quick). After an hour or so we got to the campsite, followed the trail a little bit more and then broke off into the trees gaining slowly gaining elevation post-holing through powder all the way. After a long slog we finally reached the treeline which then allowed for more post-holing which was made far more tolerable by the awesome views of the surrounding peaks, visibility was excellent all around! Heading left to the ridge crest we kept plodding up and eventually got to the crux in Nugara's book, due to the overhanging snow the crux looked far more tricky than it actually was (as we learned taking a look at it on the descent) so we backtracked and traversed some steep snow slopes below the crux to bypass it. From the crux it was time to ditch the snowshoes, and take a stroll up the rest of the ridge up to the summit itself. The ridge up to the finaly 50m or so was sheltered from the wind and really tropical (snow was even melting near rocks!) due to a temperature inversion, a far cry from the -20 overnight temperatures back in Lake Louise...

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