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Mount Bourgeau

Easy Scramble
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I think Mt. Bourgeau might be the end of my 'summer' scrambling season this year (with significant snowfall on many of the adjacent peaks winter should be shortly around in full force). I would quite recommend heading up Bourgeau at this time of year as the thin coating of snow gives the whole landscape more variety (and at least personally I snow more pleasant than scree, especially when descending).


I left my car at around 3am or so hoping to get to the summit by sunrise, which actually was successful for a change! The maintained trail extends for over 7km before it becomes a scrambling trail which is still well formed and easy to follow. Once on the ridge its a simple matter of just going up until you hit the summit cairn/weather station. The views from the summit of Mt. Assiniboine and Mt. Ball at sunrise are spectacular!

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