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Mount Brewer

Easy Scramble With Moderate Sections
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

For our second trip in the Invermere area Eric, Steven, and I left Invermere via the West side road and set off for Mount Brewer which was described in Eric's guidebook as a decent trek accessed by a ~25km logging road which required a 'high clearance' vehicle for the last few km. The crux of this trip turned out to be the road itself which was riddled with deadfall and big rocks which made for some very tiring driving (this was my first trip in my new used car and I was getting worried about damaging it). After a long way winding up and down the logging road we eventually came to the 'high clearance' part, which turned out to be no worse than the rest of the road! Soon after we reached the trailhead, got our gear together and set off towards Mount Brewer.

Once past the initial bridge we made a navigation mistake and followed some blue paint flagging which is apparently for snowmobilers in the winter rather than hikers in the summer which then required some backtracking to get on the proper trail (look for a red diamond in a tree marking the proper path). Once on the proper path we made good time following slowly upwards eventually hitting the snowline and trudging forwards through marshy wet grass. While following glimpses of a trail we ended up heading the the climbers left-most of the Brewer Lakes rather than the direct route to Mt. Brewer which proved to make for a nice loop. Once reaching some of the Brewer Lakes we took a snowline up to gain the false summit, and realized we were two summits off from Mt. Brewer itself. Luckily there were great views from the ridge and the traverse to the true summit was a nice walk (which even had a few scrambly sections to liven up the trek). Once on the true summit views of surrounding peaks like Jumbo Mountain dominated the skyline with more distant giants in the Rockies occasionally peaking out of the clouds. For descent we continued our traverse down the other side of the ridge, eventually sliding down a snowline, regaining our tracks, and heading back to the car to face the terror of the logging-road (which required about 45 minutes of constant braking to get back to the highway). Fun day, after a food-break and some discussion we decided to head over to get views of the Bugaboos for the next day going up Rockypoint Ridge.

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