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Mount Cory

Moderate Scrambling
Elevation [m]: 
Round Trip Distance [km]: 
Net Elevation Gain [m]: 
Total Elevation Gain [m]: 
Ascent Time: 
Thursday, October 18, 2012

After being turned back from Mt. Cory back in the spring due to an ominous cornice blocking off the summit headed back for another attempt. Setting out with Ken from the trailhead on the Bow Valley Parkway (which would soon be crowded with machinery knocking down trees to protect the nearby powerlines connecting to Lake Louise) we ended up ascending the more westerly rib than the standard Kane route. This rib was still populated with tons of cairns and actually looked pretty similar to the normal route until a patch of more difficult downclimbing popped up. Connecting up to the normal trail required heading up a wide chimney which had some pretty fun moderate to difficult moves (which would be pretty sketchy if wet). Once back on the trail it was only a short hop up to the cave (an excellent place to take a break from the wind) before heading up into the wintery upper parts of Mt. Cory. Coatings of snow were pretty thin everywhere leading to poor traction and a few fairly sketchy sections but we eventually made it up to the summit (which was only a few hundred meters from being lost in cloud like many surrounding peaks). Descending down the normal route allowed for taking advantage of a few sections of nice scree and pretty quick we were back at the road. All in all we both thought the more westerly rib was more fun for an ascent route, but is much more of a scramble then the hike up the normal rib.

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