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Mount Fairview

Easy Scramble
Elevation [m]: 
Round Trip Distance [km]: 
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

After being turned back from Copper Mountain I headed off to Mt. Fairview, given its name and location I was pretty much assured a good vantage of the Lake Louise area right? The trial starts off at the chateau going towards saddleback and was quite busy on that particular day (complete with hordes of little kids throwing snowballs directly below the saddleback). Once gaining the col there isn't much to do but plod up the well tracked rocky slopes of Fairview and hope the weather holds when you get to the top. With about 30 minutes to go till the summit the signs of a spring blizzard were already setting in and by the time I reached the plaque marking the summit rocks several meters away were hardly visible let alone Lake Louise itself. Still a nice time though and I will have to come back on a clear day to really take in the view.


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