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Mount Fortune and Fortulent Peak

Easy Winter Scrambling
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Lots Of Deadfall Low On Fortune
Sunday, January 20, 2013

Today was one of the nice rare days in the mountains when a weather forecast turns out better than expected (a forecast 60% chance of snow worked out to be mostly blue skies). Steven and I headed down to Kananaskis to go check off another one of the routes described in Nugara's 'Snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies' book and bag Mt. Fortune and Fortulent Peak. Setting out from the Mt. Shark parking lot the route begins as Nugara describes in a 'maze of ski trais' with fairly baffling signs going every which way. Luckily Spray Lake is big enough that just pointing downwards got us to the lake fairly quickly and out into nice views of a winter morning. Getting to the base of Mt. Fortune by crossing Spray Lake took about an hour and had no real difficulties, sadly unlike other trip reports I've ready there wernt that many areas of awesome looking exposed ice on the lake mostly just a wind-blown coating of snow. After crossing the lake progress slowed considerably. Given the warm winds and clear skies over the last few days the snow conditions up Fortune were pretty rough (a thin sun crust which would break with every step and plunge into knee deep faceted powder), it pretty much worked out to a half step back downwards for every step upwards with a bunch of partially exposed deadfall ocassionally snaggin up our snowshoes. After labourously gaining elevation up to the false summit of Fortune progress was considerably easier as the ridge was pretty much free of snow and just a walk up to the true summit. Despite being fairly low elevation the views from Fortune are pretty great and are worth the trip. Carrrying on to Fortulent Peak was a simple process of carrying on along the ridge and up some partially snow covered scree slopes. My GPS measured the first and second summits of Fortulent as being within 1m of eachother which given the error of the GPS is +- 4m or so they are pretty much equal elevation. The expanded views from Fortulent compared to Fortune are again worth the efforts of continuing. The ridge to Turbulent looked easily traversible to the next highpoint but would run into some challenges to carry on to Turbulent itself. After admiring the view for a while we went back the way we came (making short work of the descent) and back across (the oddly windless) frozen Spray Lake.


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