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Mount Jimmy Simpson

Easy Scramble
Elevation [m]: 
Round Trip Distance [km]: 
Net Elevation Gain [m]: 
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Very Little
Sunday, September 1, 2013

After a 3 day trip to the Mt Willingdon area the weather was still looking good so I arranged to meet up with my mom for a family trip up Mount Jimmy Simpson, which I had been assured from many others is an excellent viewpoint especially for the limited effort needed to ascend it.

After staying over at the Lake Louise hostel the night before (man did a shower there ever feel nice after the Willingdon trip) we woke up around sunrise to drive down to the Bow Lake parking lot and were glad to find it relatively free of tourists (apart from the 5kg tripod wielding kinds set up on the lake shore). Carrying on down the Bow Falls trail was quite straightforward and already very warm. Roughly following Bob Spirko's directions we went almost to the falls and then turned off following some rubble up to gain the prominent ledge system. The ledges we ascended were slightly different than those from Bob's TR with a little more scrambling but nothing too difficult and pretty quick we were gaining elevation and gaining views! The ledge system carries on for most of the route with the occasional bit of exposure along slippery grass. About a half of the way up the ledges we came across a big cairn which marked a more efficient way up/down that we used for descent, after this point cairns were a common sight for the rest of the route. After the ledges the route let's you out on some flat meadows with good views of Bow Lake below and a sliver of the Wapta Icefield above. After plodding through the grassy rubble the last part of the route a scree slope to gain the col comes into view. My mom didn't like the feel of the loose scree and decided to wait at the base of the slope while I tagged the summit. The slope itself isn't bad but does get quite loose higher up. After gaining the col it is just a plod up low grade scree to the summit. Summit views are phenomenal, looking over to Recondite Peak and Mount Willingdon was quite satisfying as those were both recent treks! Not wanting to make my mom wait too long I snapped a bunch of pictures and hastily sped back down. Descent was via mostly the same route as ascent but using the cairns to get a more efficient line down to trail-level. Mount Jimmy Simpson sure lives up to its reputation as a peak with a view and is worth a trip at some point!


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