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Tuff Puff

Easy Snowshoeing
Elevation [m]: 
Round Trip Distance [km]: 
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Very Little
Sunday, January 12, 2014

With another weekend of bad weather and sketchy avalanche conditions Mike, Steven, and I decided to head out to Dave Thompson Country for tackle the comically named Tuff Puff, a (very wind exposed) low ridge which we thought (correctly as it turned out) was almost certain to be safely windblown.

Setting out from the Dave Thompson Highway a couple km west of the Siffleur Backcountry parking lot (at the Kinglet Lake trailhead) we immediately felt the characteristic wind of DTC. Apparently in summer there is quite a decent trail up Tuff Puff and even with some snow coverage evidence of the trail abounded. Whenever we were out of the trees our snowshoes were a little bit redundant but did prove helpful for traction on some of the icy bits. The route up Tuff Puff pretty must follows the ridge until reaching a large treed plateau which had to be bushwhacked through to regain the ridge higher up. Once up on the higher ridge the wind became quite intense and was enough that occasionally we had to resort to crawling to keep heading upwards. The 'summit' especially was windy enough that I didn't want to risk blasting my lens with ice to get a westwards summit pano! There is a higher summit above Tuff Puff (perhaps Tuffer and Puffier Peak?) but given the wind we didn't even consider going for it.

Not the most lofty peak but good to make the most of a high avi hazard weekend!


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