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Verdant Pass Family Hike

Elevation [m]: 
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5:00 From the car to overlook the pass
A touch overgrown off the official trail.
Monday, July 27, 2015

A change from the blitz of 11000ers over the last few weeks my mom and I decided to head to Jasper for a day-hike.  Given the reccomendations of 'fairly short, good views, not steep, and not many people' made for a difficult choice of objective but eventually we settled on wandering up Verdant Pass, the western side of Mount Edith Cavell with (as the name implies) large open green meadows.


To get to Verdant Pass you park at the Tonquin Valley lot (beside the Edith Cavell hostel) before wandering up the Astoria Trail for 4.6 km before turning sharply left onto the old Verdant Pass trail (which is probably now most frequented by folks descending the West Face route of Mount Edith Cavell).

Setting out from the Tonquin Valley parking lot, thankfully before it was busy.


My mom showing the turnoff for Verdant Pass.


Once on the Verdant Pass trail the going gets a little bit tougher than the Astoria but it is still very navigable and aside from some overgrown sections (which were exceptionally soggy given the morning rainfall) and a few swampy puddles travel conditions are quite good.  After about 3km distance and 400m of elevation gain you reach the open meadows below Cavell's west face and the views start to open up considerably.  From here the trail braids into several subsidiary trails, we followed one to a lake between Mount Edith Cavell and Verdant Peak before heading further south towards Verdant Pass itself.


Looking up at the easier ridge of Throne Mountain.


Looking down the valley to Campus Peak.


Chevron Mountain (centre) is quite a striking peak.


Looking back at the far west ridge of Mount Edith Cavell.


Quite cloudy looking towards Verdant Pass.


A photosphere of the area overlooking Verdant Pass.


Looking up at Verdant Peak.


A nice wee lake between Mount Edith Cavell and Verdant Peak.


Once past the lake the rest of the hike is off trail in open meadows mixed with flowers and various types of shrubbery.  We ended up hiking to the highpoint of a 'ridge' before starting to lose elevation to the lower part of Verdant Pass.  From here there would be no navigational challenges to keep going downwards and wander up the ridge due south (which would have some marvellous views).  On a clear day the views of the Scott Glacier and Mount Hooker from that ridge would be fabulous.  I am pretty excited to come back here in winter and wander up that rige as well as give the ridges of Verdant Peak and Chevron Mountain a go.  After a quick snack we started back down towards the car, retracing our steps back to the trail after which it was just one foot in front of the other.


Cavell (right) sure looks different from this side!


Getting closer to the pass.


Looking back at Throne Mountain.


The true summit of Edith Cavell isn't visible here.


The left side of Chevron Mountain is much more straightforward to ascend!


Almost at the pass.


Looking up at Verdant Peak.


Looking up at Chevron Mountain.


A wider view of Chevron.


Zoomed in on Chevron's upper ridge.


Zoomed intowards Throne and Campus.


Mount Hooker showed up after the clouds rolled away.


Hooker is quite a peak!


An obligatory view of Edith Cavell back beside the road.


Quite a nice short hike, have to come back on skis in the spring!

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Hey Ben , I saw you hiked up the trail to kerkeslin lake to scout mount kerkeslin and Evelyn lakes , but I can't click on the trip report . Do you have any beta on that trail to kerkeslin Lake !?

By Heff

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