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Parker Ridge

Easy Hike
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

After having gone up Edith Cavell the day before and with a big trip up Recondite Peak coming up tomorrow I was looking for something short to do in the morning to stretch my legs. Parker Ridge seemed like the ideal route, short, good views of the area around the icefields, and more importantly not hindered by the misty rain that was out in full force this morning.

Starting from the signed parking lot the trail is huge, not much to stay about it, views are decent and pretty quick I was up at what I assume is the tourist summit. From there I was somewhat confused as to what the actual summit of the ridge it (as the ridge carries on and joins up with Mount Athabasca). I headed upwards towards Athabasca and stopped at a good viewpoint with a decent sized cairn that seemed 'summit-worthy' for the ridge. All in all Parker Ridge worked out as a nice morning objective, I'll certainly be back sometime in clearer skies. Up next was driving down south to get ready for Recondite Peak!


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