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Bedson Ridge

Easy/Moderate Scramble
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Not Bad
Sunday, September 29, 2013

With winter closing in upon the parks and some of the larger objectives starting to go out of season Steven and I decided to go for a peak that had been a backup plan for quite some time Bedson Ridge which forms part of the eastern boundary for Jasper park just west of Hinton.

After having ascended Boule Roche earlier in the year we had no desire to subject ourselves to that style of bushwhacking and assumed that Supply Creek would be sufficiently dry to walk up, and that turned out to be true! Parking at a pulloff near Supply Creek on the north side of Brule it was a short walk to gain the creek and then simply just follow it up to the ridgecrest (which also serves as the park boundary). Along the creek there was one division point where the creek split in two, we ascended the climbers left branch and descended the climbers right branch, the right is significantly easier and avoids some slabby sections.

Once on the ridgecrest it was time to face our next challenge, very chilly wintery wind! We dropped down from the ridge and cut across the forest to bypass tricky complications and then swiftly were back on the ridge (in even stronger wind) and continued on the gentle plod to the summit. At the summit there was no summit cairn so we quickly built one and put down a register. Views from the summit were quite nice with an abundance of little viewed peaks to the north and targets for next year like Mount Aeolus to the west. After braving the wind for a while longer we descended back the way we came. Not a bad trip for a windy shoulder season day!


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