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Twin Cairns

Easy Ski Touring
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Friday, December 20, 2013

With snow on the ground and a not overly friendly forecast for most of the rockies Steven and I decided it was time for the first ski tour of the season. Given the avi forecast we decided to stick to some low hazard slopes, ski resorts are pretty good for that! Steven had already been up Twin Cairns before but was up for getting some ski training (and hopefully some views) in.

Setting out from the Sunshine parking lot we skied up the ski-out just as the resort was starting to get going for the day and then skinned up the (surprisingly steep) slopes under the Wawa chair lift (while people on the chair shouted various versions of 'you're going the wrong way' at us). At the top of the chair we left the crowds behind and set off towards Twin Cairns. There was a pretty thin snowpack all around and plenty of rocks so we kept contouring southwards until we got to the least rocky part and then ditched the skis to boot on up. By this point views were marginal at best and Steven decided having already ascended it in great weather it wasn't worth the post-holing so I plodded on upwards by myself and shortly was on the summit. Views were pretty non-existent (even The Monarch was just a shadowy figure), I'll have to come back later. In any case though it was good to be back on skis again, more training is never a bad thing.


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