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Cline Fire Lookout

Easy Snowshoeing
Round Trip Distance [km]: 
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Very Little Except By The Lake
Saturday, March 15, 2014

Given the forecast Steven and I were looking for a trip with limited to no hazards (of which DTC is normally a good area to look). Glancing over the DTC hiking guide we came across a reference to Cline Fire Lookout, as a three day trek in summer involving a large amount of bush and significant distance. Given that the lake was still frozen so we could bypass the vast majority of the bush Cline Fire Lookout seemed like a good objective.

We started off at the highway and walked down an old road to the lake (situated pretty much below the summit of Elliot Peak). After donning crampons and crossing over the lake (which always have really neat texture in winter), we aimed for the low point of the ridge and then planned to wander upwards. This plan worked out farily well and despite a bit of snow-less bush (not the greatest snowshoeing terrain) we quickly were heading upwards. Views from along the ridge open up after a couple hours and there are a few quite decent viewspoints along the way before the summit. No real challenges here, just keep plodding up until you reach the fire lookout shack. From the summit views were better than we anticipated giving a great feel for the popular routes in DTC (along with views southwards to less often glimpsed peaks). Our summit stay was cut short by frosty winds. Descent was back the way we came. Quite a nice off season-trek, I'm not sure if I would follow the guidebook route in summer though...


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