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Mount O'Hagan

Easy Scramble
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Quite Dense Near The Creek
Saturday, June 16, 2012

The trip up Mount O'Hagan was a very hastily planned day-scramble with Ken. With a solid half an hour or so of planning the night before trying to find something decent to go up in the Jasper area (which seemed to be an isolated island of decent weather) we decided upon Mount O'Hagan which we had seen the previously when being up nearby Mount Utopia.

The approach to O'Hagan is largey similar to Utopia, start off at the Miette Hot Springs and carry on near the creek for a while until eventually ascending a gully (though for O'Hagan staying on the west side of the creek is proably preferable). There was no clear sign of a trail through the bush despite the odd patch of a goat track and in trudging through the wet forest for a couple hours was a little big tedious. Eventually we came ascended a decent looking gully and finally were free of the trees and able to take in a great view of Mt. Utopia and the surrounding peaks. At this point the one picture we had guiding us to Mount O'Hagan led us astray and over towards an unnamed peak (which I later called 'Crossroads Peak' as two significant unnamed peaks and Mount O'Hagan are [seemingly] accessible from its summit). After gaining the summit ridge on 'Crossroads' there was a nice wintery ridgewalk with a few neat moves before the summit (where we built a small cairn). Realizing that O'Hagan was actually the peak to the North a quick trip back across the ridge, down the col, and up some snow slopes and then we were actually where we intended to be. The register on O'Hagan was placed in 2008 and (including Ken and I) has only 13 names which all seem to be from trips in August! There are plenty of options for descent routes, we chose to traverse slightly further across O'Hagan and snake down several gullies before rejoining the trees for bushwhack round 2.

All in all a decent trip, I am quite amazed that the two highpoints connected to 'Crossroads Peak' are not named, they look like interesting ridge routes and look a bit more impressive than Mount O'Hagan itself!

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