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Roche Bonhomme

Easy Scramble
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Not much
Saturday, August 11, 2012

After a plan to go try one of the mountains across the Sunwapta River on the parkway was foiled by overly high water levels for this time of year (waist high wading through glacial runoff is exceedingly frosty...) I decided to head up my old standby of "one day I should really hike up there but don't really know when" mountain, Roche Bonhomme (or "Old Man Mountain" due to its characteristic shape when viewed from Jasper townsite).

The trail for Roche Bonhomme starts just down the road towards Maligne Lake from the Maligne Canyon parking lot  and is marked by a small cairn (or a yellow capped stick).  The trail itself is really wide and in pretty solid condition the entire way (there is the occasional bit of deadfall and the trees close in on a few spaces but nothing too troubling).  Once out of the trees there is a bit of scree to contend with before gaining the summit ridge and basking in the view of the valley below (on this day it was clear enough the Mt. Robson was visible in the distance ).  Any case not much to say about this, there arn't really that many scrambling components but if you are looking for a rewarding hike without the hordes of people at trails like the Sulfur Skyline, this may be a good short trip.


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Hi Ben. Is the trailhead on the road leading into the parking lot, or further down the main road?

By Steph

Further down the road towards Maligne Lake. There should be a flag (and possibly a cairn) marking where the trail starts.

By Ben

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