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Mount Sarrail

Easy Scramble
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Very Little
Friday, August 31, 2012

Mt. Sarrail and the surrounding Kane peaks had been on my list for sometime though scheduling never worked out to have a multi-day trek out of Aster Lake. In any case, I decided to give it a go as a one day trip which I ended up being happy with. The trail for Mt. Sarrail starts at Upper Kananaskis Lake and heads along the lake for an hour or so before eventually heading off into the bush and into the (very obvious) Hidden Lake along the Aster Lake trail as described in Kane.


Setting out from the parking lot at a horribly early hour (given Kane's description of a 'very long day') before moonset allowed for making good time and just after reaching Hidden Lake the first rays of sun started gracing Mt. Lyautey. From Hidden Lake a scree bash along a well formed track gains elevation towards Sarrail with the main path continuing on to Aster Lake. Hearing that the ridge itself was largely another scree bash I left the trail a little early going up some semi-wet slabs which offered more interesting route choices. Once on the ridge itself it was pretty obvious why there are two paths, one on the ridgecrest and one just below, the wind up on Sarrail can be (and was this day) fierce! After a couple brief scrambling moves and traversing across some lingering snow the summit of Sarrail was in sight and pleasently was much less windy than the ridge below! Views from the summit include awesome 11000ers such as Joffre and Assiniboine, along with the lakes around the Kananaskis region. All in all a long day but overall worthwhile and seeing the Aster Lake area for myself does make me want to come back for a multi-day trip.


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