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Roche De Smet

Moderate Scramble
Elevation [m]: 
Round Trip Distance [km]: 
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Not bad
Friday, September 21, 2012

Another trip up the Celestine Lake road (there have been quite a few of them this year!). In any case, Roche De Smet is a very prominent long ridgeline near Jasper which has been in the pipes for some time. From far away its hard to tell if a straight traverse from near the road to the summit would be feasible as a scramble (probably at least somewhere a rapell would be required) so we decided to head down the Vine Creek trail past the summit, gain the ridge, and then loop back. In the attatched GPS picture our ascent route is on the left and descent on the right.

The ascent started after reaching the (not very spacious/elegant) Vine Creek campground and then went straight up to gain the ridge as quick as possible. Dont be worried, while the summit block may look fearsome from far away, the ridge is a pleasent stroll until passing the last gully before the summit and then with routefinding only moderate scrambling is required to gain the last bit of elevation. We found the summit with a sizeable cairn and signs of a previous register (plastic bags and glass shards). The register itself was no-where to be seen and we placed a new one (also a glass container in a plastic bag oddly enough) which hopefully fares better. Views from the summit are expansive and include all the normal Jasper big names along with giants like Robson. On descent we took a gully closer to the summit which was fairly straighforward (as conditions were bone dry), stemming down water smoothed rocks made for a nice change of pace.

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