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Folding Mountain

Easy Scramble
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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Carrying on with the theme of non technical routes until a nice solid snowpack forms I headed to (likely the closest mountain to Edmonton) Folding Mountain, just east of the Jasper Park border. In the summer this is an official signed trail which slowly winds thorugh the forest up to Folding's wide summit plateau. The trail starts just west of the aptly named Folding Mountain Resort and is marked with a yellow square showing a hiker directly opposit the signpost for the large rest stop on the other side of the highway.

Even with a decent covering of snow it was pretty easy to spot the trail (the odd goat path interesecting the route helped too). After the first 2km or so the elevation gain becomes at lot more relaxed and from there on the trail winds through the trees with the occasional break onto windswept slopes with great views of Roche a Perdrix and Fiddle Peak. After a litle bit of elevation loss the summit block is in sight which if today is any indication gets a lot of wind! The summit block would be prime avalanche terrain if not free of snow so be prepared. This particular day a group of 7 goats had taken up residence just below the summit and were blocking off the route. I can only imagine that the musky scent of my gear smelled vaguely goat-like as the critters let me pass with no trouble. From the summit there is a wide reaching view Southwards and Eastwards while numerous named (and unnamed) peaks tower Westwards into Jasper Park. This would be a pretty great conditioner for summer or winter!


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