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Saskatoon Mountain

Easy Hike
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

For the first part of a daytrip down to Crowsnest Pass, Steven, Mike, and I were looking for a short and easy sunrise hike of which Saskatoon Mountain is a good option. The main motivator for such a scheme was that we had planned to meet up with a bunch of Calgarians (Andrea, Raff, Vern, and Wietse) for a hike up Mount Erickson at 930 that morning and wanted something to do before meeting them.

Starting out from just after hwy 40 turns into a gravel road north of Coleman (at a turnoff where snowplows turn around) we set out following the cutline of some power lines up the not so lofty slopes of Saskatoon. Not much to say about this trek, it won't take you long but morning pre-sunrise seems a good time for it to maximize quality of views. A cairn on a highpoint at the western edge of the summit region makes for a pretty great viewpoint. After taking in the views for a bit it was time to grab some breakfast and meet up with the Calgarians for the main trek of the day.

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