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Swansea Mountain

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

As the weather was looking pretty dreadful for most of the Rockies, Eric, Steven, and I decided to hop the border and head over to BC to check out some trails around Invermere. Eric had previously bought a guidebook of "Hikes around Invermere" and there were a bunch of routes that seemed to be a good place to start for a new area. The first objective we chose was the mighty Swansea Mountain, a very small hill/mountain overlooking Invermere which would give us a good idea of how much snow was around the nearby ranges.

Starting from the Swansea Mountain campground/trailhead there are a bunch of trails that head up the mountain, the most direct according to the guidebook (and the one we followed) mostly trends climbers left heading up to a radio tower before looping back with switchbacks to gain the summit proper. Not much to say about the trail, once you are on it is it very easy to follow and there are hiker signs spaced fairly evenly along the length of it.

Once at the summit views of the lake are surprisingly good. This is a good mountain to head up to for sunrise (though to be fair most mountains are awesome for sunrise) with a good placement to see alpineglow over Mt. Nelson and the surrounding peaks. After hanging out on the summit until mostly full daylight we headed back down the same way, got some breakfast, and headed out to our second objective of the day, Mount Brewer.

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