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Rockypoint Ridge

Easy Scramble
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

For the second day of our Invermere trip Eric, Steven, and I headed NW along some logging roads towards the fabled Bugaboos. Eric's guidebook described a route up a ridge near Rockypoint Creek which gave awesome views of most of the Bugaboo Spires which seemed well worth checking out. After driving for ~30km along the road we spotted the turnoff on the right side, got a few hours sleep and then woke up and set off up what was described as 'an old steep undrivable road' which served as the trail for the first few kms.

The trail itself was pretty decent though blended with the usual mix of fast flowing drainage, and log hopping over deadfall to keep things from being too straightforward. Once at the snowline it became more difficult to follow the trail but we trended a decent line, eventually linking up with the trail again and coming out into a more open area with a bunch of larches started to appear (this area would be really pretty in the fall). Once in the open area travel became a little more tedious with some post holing, Steven had brought his snowshoes but Eric and I were still on foot. After crossing the snow we aimed for the low point on the ridge and kicked some steps up to gain the ridge. Man gaining the ridge was an awesome experience, as soon as you top out the entire Bugaboo range is directly infront with its magnificent towers, glittering glaciers, and lovely lakes. Eric and I spent a fair bit of time admiring the view and took a ludicrous number of pictures just in case the views clouded up before we got higher up.

Once on the ridge it was mostly a hike up to the true summit with a few boulder bands to scramble across. The summit itself is guarded by one of those mysterious green BC summit towers. Views from the summit were fabulous, with the Bugaboos on one side and distant giants on the Rockies on the other, the pictures below speak for themselves and make this a worthy trek! After a lengthy break on the summit to admire the views for made our way back down via the same route, got back to the car, and started the long drive back to the city.

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